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December 13, 2005

Cutting out the crap

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It's odd how certain events line up. My experiments with polyphasic sleeping which have been so far best demonstrated by a long-time vegan arrived around the same time as my digestive system (and thus consequently my body) started crying out for mercy against an onslaught of pizza, thai take-away, chip kebabs, BBC canteen's Meal Deal, pasty+baked beans+chips, ... If I had that kind of memory I could probably count the times I've eaten more than 50g of vegetables in the last few months on one hand.

I haven't been to a supermarket for nearly a year.

So with a constant low-grade burning in my throat and a peculiar reluctance to eat chicken or other fried stuff, a reluctance I don't ever recall having had, I have switched to a vegan/detox diet. No animal, diary, wheat, gluten. At least for a while. It's far too boring to persist with IMO but I definitely feel better already. There's something about verging on actually being ill that makes boiled veggies, potatoes, and French dressing quite tasty.

During my heel convalescense I was making vegetable broth. Despite a non-hippie's expectation they'd be foul they're far from it (at least in my post-morphine-addled state :)). But they're a pain in the ass to make: all the chopping, blending, simmering, straining, cooling. So with my copious free time I learnt all about juicers last night and picked up one via ebay today. The great thing about juicing is that no two drinks ever need taste the same: just toss in whatever's to hand and see what comes out.

Excellent preparation for a good binge over Christmas. Funny that, popular culture says we should recover, diet, and generally self-flagellate after the Winter Holidays. Why not recover beforehand and use xmas as simply a way to get back to a base level of ill-health? :-) Pay it forward!

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