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June 22, 2005

Vegetable broth

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Right after I got back from hospital about a week or so ago I called the Vitality Centre up the road about Pilates classes, as someone had suggested Pilates as a light physical activity to do while I'm healing. As it turns out I'm probably still not ready for that but nonetheless had a very enjoyable conversation with one of their osteopaths, Ratna who suggested a daily veggie broth to assist in the "re-mineralisation".

So, how can you mainline minerals into your system by the power of greens alone?

It's quite straightforward. Dice up kilos of green vegetables and bulb of ginger, throw in some turmeric, and stew for 30-40mins. Strain off the vegetable matter, and the resulting juice is your veggie broth. As tweaks, I blend the veggies, and then rinse the bulk while it's still in the strainer to leech off as many goodies as possible.

The greens provide organic sodium, potassium, and calcium while the ginger and turmeric help healing and, frankly, the taste.

She suggested brocolli, spinach, coriander. I've since tried cabbage, carrot, beans, potatoes, and who knows what else. Doesn't seem to matter, so long as there's some ginger in there to liven it up and counter the stewed veg aftertaste, which isn't even so bad.

I don't know whether my assessment was pre-skewed by knowing just how amazingly healthy this stuff is, or whether it is genuinely tasty but I've since drunk gallons of it and really enjoy it. It's light enough to be a substitute for water, and pleasant enough as a drink in its own right. And it's a whole lot easier than chewing through three kilos of vegetables a day...

Let's fact it, boys, who wants to consume any vegetables? :-)

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delurking to say, firstly, that i wish you a very speedy recovery - came across your site relatively recently and was really sorry to hear about your very nasty accident. *sends "blast from the past" hug*.

secondly to say - i'm glad that i'm not the only person who uses tolerably stewed/blended/brothed vegetables as a substitute for just eating them properly (because they're horrible).

and of course, thirdly to say hi... don't know if you still remember me; i was in the year below you at kings. following a nasty stalker-related incident i'm rather precious about using my actual name on t'internet but it began with T and if i'd married Pete de Bolla i'd have had the most alliterative name at cambridge...

Posted by: citygirrrl at July 20, 2005 22:03
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