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June 22, 2005

How to trackstand (no handed!)

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After being kindly wished well by Robert I ended up being reminded about 43 things, a "I wanna do this, and this, and this!" site. Browsing through it I grudgingly admitted to myself how many of the things flashing by I've had on my mental to-do list (and even more grudgingly how long), but at the same time heartened by how many of them I'd already done. For example learn no-handed trackstands. As I was writing a reply I thought I'd fling it up here: How to do No-handed Trackstands!

One of my "things" is this :-)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at June 22, 2005 21:28 | TrackBack

trackstands of all forms, one foot on the front wheel included, date back to the early days of the bicycle. BMX didn't invent much on flat ground tricks, but it did redefine the trick bicycle. Look into indoor cycling (hallenrad), specifically artistic cycling. that stuffs been around for like 100 years. they do stuff that makes free style BMX look weak. On the other hand, nobody has anything on BMX vertical tricks and grinds and stuff.

Posted by: McBomb at August 27, 2006 00:37

McBomb, if you really think BMX hasn't invented much on "flat ground tricks" I'd say you probably want to get up to speed on flatland post, say, 1989. Here's one sample.

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at August 27, 2006 00:55
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