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August 13, 2004

BMX Flatland Finals at Urban Games

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Back at the end of July, I took a last minute decision to blow off Festival of Peace and meet up with Eva & Emily at the UK Urban Games (it was Emily's idea; I'd totally forgotten about it). The galling £15 entry for the last few hours turned out to be worth it for the excellent company, BMX flatland, FMX, and B-Boy (breakdance) finals, not to mention slamming hard on my ass trying out an Indoboard (like a physio's balance board but wildly overpriced, sketchier, and intended for skate/snowboarders: of which I'm neither :-).

I've now finally got around to mixing the video of the flatland finals, and putting it online!

Rather than take pics I shot some video on my little camera of the flatland finals. After six years of procrastinating over learning a movie editing suite I was chatting with the Legg early this morning and started playing with Windows Moviemaker. Man, what a sweet piece of free software! Within maybe a half hour I'd gone from total n00b to this 2 minute mix:

2004 Urban Games BMX Flatland Finals


It's too bad I only had a 64MB card in my camera (since rectified) as there was a ton of even more sick moves later.

It was quite strange having not been in the scene for nearly ten years to come back and recognise riders from the early/mid nineties still riding. As strange as that, I can remember my last proper flatland bike before it was stolen in great detail: every part, nut, bolt, cable, feel of the grips, how its weight moved, my trainers on the tyres, the indescrible sensation of balancing a roll. It must be quite a mix of emotions for a real athlete to give up after so long. I still occasionally have flatland dreams to this day, busting moves I was at the time years of practice away from ever pulling.

(By real I mean as in someone more skilled and dedicated than me, rather than the sport: BMX flatland is one of the most physically technically complex sports in existence, up there with dance, gymnastics, ice skating. Those moves in that video are done by finalists, each with 5+years of obsessive practice.)

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Very nice to see some riding on the computer that I otherwise would have never seen!! Thanks.
DarcY Fauteux

Posted by: darcy at January 23, 2005 06:16


Posted by: norbert at February 16, 2005 07:30

no se che me tengo 15 años y el flatlansd es una cosa terriblemente copada, espero algun dia llegar a compétir un beso!!!

Posted by: matias at February 22, 2005 01:04

tell me how to do some shit up on that flatland.

Posted by: potato at July 26, 2005 20:50

i like b,xing recently i learned to ride withought stabilisers, im 17

Posted by: jimmany cricket at August 24, 2005 16:05

i like b,xing recently i learned to ride withought stabilisers, im 17

Posted by: jimmany cricket at August 24, 2005 16:05

estoy entrenando para acer lo k ellos acen asi k entreno 2 oras diarias como minimo i algunos dias4 tengo 13 años i ya me salen algunas cosas mis sueño es poder ser tan bueno como vosotros i gracias a otdo lo que se acer os lo debo a vosotros gracias


Posted by: josep at May 5, 2006 21:52


Posted by: YCS at June 20, 2006 21:09

how to play bmx

Posted by: fiq at September 12, 2006 10:38

you should watch the woman from Germany. some poise and skill on a bike. Long long routine also.
see it here ==>

or google crazy bike or Wuerzburg, Germany. Will be worth it.

Posted by: borg at September 26, 2006 08:21

heya paul! i just came by here to let you know how much i appreciate that video. it is super awesome!

you should keep filming more of these events. and like yeah, your vid mix is pretty radical. i couldn't have done it better myself.


Posted by: bioanarchism at October 27, 2006 09:15

If you guys want to see some great flatland videos of current contests, you can go

Go to the video section and download them there for free. The videos are high quality and some are 20 minutes long.

P.S: Kevin Jones rocks


Posted by: mike at November 6, 2006 22:31

T%my mate dan in the pic he kicks ass, i ride with him a lot.

Posted by: chris at November 28, 2006 19:15

it's really cool i lve the style and hard but 4 me it's good i lve it

Posted by: torvs at April 30, 2007 06:09
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