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December 13, 2005

Lucid audio dream

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One of the 'freebies' with polysleeping reportedly seems to be an increased tendency to lucid dream, the experience of being apparently conscious but actually dreaming. So you're in control of a completely created reality.

I've never had the full monty version. I have however in my past had audio lucid dreams (I think that's what they are), hearing a piece of music literally as though it were playing in the room, in complete orchestral THX Dolby 7.1 surround sound glory. It usually happens as I'm drifting off to sleep and I've never found out how to control it; conscious awareness of it seems to make it crash, an "Oh, COOL! Oh."-moment. It's a bit like the Hitchhiker's technique for flying, throwing yourself at the ground and missing by being crucially distracted at the very last moment.

Well, I had an audio lucid dream this morning on my 9am nap watch. It was sudden and powerful, albeit brief and crashed nearly instantly. Good sign though.

I'd love to learn more about this.. (anyone?) guess I have the time now ;-)

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I believe that with not only relax your brain every 4 hours. It is more powerful.
I believe, you can reach other states of self programming, other programs of your biocomputer can be activated or de-activated.

It is amazing that you can feel and reach the states of "lucid audio dreams" I know that.
I can put myself for hours to floating state even without tank.
I can float and my brain communicates...when it’s dark and no sound...
(I use sound to get me to special state - hear NeoClubber - Rainy Season on my space.) You can travel in past realities and you are in a control of that reality. You can learn languages in some states (floating)..where only your brain is active...You can even see the future...if you get the chance to reach some deep sleeping state...

Posted by: moonweaver at May 9, 2006 22:22

Posted by: moonweaver at May 9, 2006 22:26

External Reality (ER):
Eating some cheese and drinking tea…0:21 hearing – looping the file 05 The Abwehr Disco second time (total looping time: 1,1,1,1,1,1…), trying to write down my impressions.
First, the German meaning of Abwehr = Defence. At 00:37 changing to raining season…mp3…to get the brain fluid…

The night is quite; no other external realities influence my mind and brain.

Internal Reality (IR):
It is dark and I lie down…in a floating position.

It is pretty powerful.
it feels like cleaning instance for brain.
The electrical rhythm is almost touching forgotten points of programs.
New “not defined areas” opens. I can not define this areas or levels. I don’t even need to.
It feels like something is scanning my brain and repairing it.
It feels like software.

Then…the strange sound comes… this heavy industrial sound hammer like.
later…the melody sound…..damn…its like defence…like some systems communicate together….its not about fighting… maybe about security levels…maybe just testing surrounding.

I see all those mail spam I get (it is just small sequence in my mind movie – just a flashing screen) I see myself arguing with our sis admin’s. I see myself today with music on …writing technical papers for shipment process…chatting…doing 3 tasks simultaneously….and still hearing and understanding other colleagues….in the room….they talk about old programming languages…I see myself wake up with sunrise… and I see the sunset of today….and the moon shining

It is about something great and complex, something that works well, no errors….fast debugging…. It controls the most important parts of system….

This file can feel more intensive under luck of sleep--- or using entheogenic agents.

Posted by: moonweaver at May 9, 2006 23:42
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