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December 14, 2005

Puzzling diet; sleep success

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Since going fruit- and veg-only a few days ago I seem to eating hardly anything. I usually pack away more food on any given table than anyone else, hoovering up whatever's left of the rest of the group's. On long haul flights I'll ask for seconds pretty much without fail.

And yet, I'm not eating breakfast, only having a large salad for lunch, and boiled veg in the evening. Last night I had a salad and bean pitta thing at Nando's.

What's especially strange is that with the polysleeping I'd expect to be eating more, and this is the documented response too.

Very strange... get in shape and double your free time! That's gotta be worth a $39.95 ebook...

I added up my nap periods for yesterday and had oversleep on a couple of them by an hour. Even with that I was only out for 4h20 of 24h which is about half what I would normally do. You should see my room, it's awesomely tidy. My email's under control, and I've put in several hours of low priority fun reading. Fantastic!

My last couple of evenings I've felt wired; not a caffeine or other dirty-stim jitteriness but a clean directable energy. After the first three days which were rather tough, only parts of the night now are a bit dozy. Nothing unmanageable, and certainly easily fixed with some physical activity.

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