Paul Makepeace ;-) hosting has been operating from a high-speed datacentre for a number of years now. As a service I host other folks' websites, mail, DNS, etc here too. The main benefits are personal connection, highly customisable set-ups, and generally competitive featureset for the money (comparable to having your own co-lo'ed machine).

(If you're interested in the technical aspects you can read more about that.)

Things that people like about being hosted here

Basic things offered

It doesn't have to stop there, have a look at some other service ideas.

Basic things requested

There's a general monthly donation of a tenner suggested. I use paypal (no payments with credit cards though, please! Paypal charge for it) and Paul Makepeace's Amazon wish list.

I also would like a a link back from sites to here and, E.g. a bit of text that says something like,

Hosted by <a href="">Paul Makepeace</a> @ <a
href="">Real Programmers</a>

Plus minus your own artistic styles and wording :-)

Sound interesting? Want to get set up?

-- Paul