Paul Makepeace ;-)

What's Next?

There are two ways of doing this. One is from scratch, i.e. you have nothing except a dream, the other is you already have a domain or domains hosted somewhere and would like to transfer it.

"I have a dream..."

So you want a website. Easy!
  1. Pick a domain name for it. You can use a site like to fish for names. Don't for god's sake buy from them though – they are expensive and will spam you mercilessly.
  2. Tell me and I'll buy it from my spam-free ethical provider, BulkRegister. They charge $12/yr/domain which I'll pass on at cost. (You own and control the domain but I can change things in the event of an emergency.)
  3. I do a whole bunch of stuff and then let you know.
  4. You can then upload HTML to it, check mail, then ...
  5. Profit!

"I have a domain..."

This is a bit fiddlier as it means setting up here as well as moving bits over. I need to know,


To get the site data uploaded you can use a variety of methods but the simplest is FTP: I will give you one or more FTP accounts. These accounts are restricted ("jailed" in technical parlance) to the site's root directory, so when you log in over FTP you'll be right in the site's area, and see index.html etc. You can share this account with anyone who needs access to the site, e.g. so your mom can update her page.

If you have multiple sites, you can either have one FTP account that spans all of them, or one each, or some combination. Just let me know! In the case of an account that spans multiple sites, when you log in you'll instead see the domain names of the various sites instead of being right in the site's root directory.

In a Nutshell


If you or your previous host is running DNS (the to name translation system) then you need to point each of the sites at Once that kicks in you'll find your sites magically being hosted! Yay!

This method is less reliable though since if the IP address of the site changes there is a time lag for that to happen. If I do DNS (which I'm happy to) I can change things over if necessary. This allows me to provide a complete backup machine in the event of some catastrophe.

To that end, in your DNS control panel for your domains at your previous ISP or domain registrar set the nameservers to:


Please put a link on the home page to my site: Hosted by <a href="">Paul Makepeace</a> @ <a href="">Real Programmers</a>, or something to that basic effect.

I'll also add you to the users directory.

Let me know if this makes sense, or not!

Shell accounts

You can either have a shell account or not, depending simply on whether or not you need it. Here's what I think about shells.