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CGI programs

You're welcome to include CGI programs on your site! Perl 5.6.1, Python 2.2, and Ruby 1.6.7 are available. You are not restricted to having programs in your /cgi-bin/ directory. In order for the CGI programs to be enabled, please upload your scripts, tell me where they are, and I'll set them to be executable. If you have a shell account you can of course do this yourself (chmod +x script_name).

Notes on CGI use

There are many "canned" scripts floating around the net which while useful have serious security implications. One such offender is Matt's Script Archives which has a particularly appalling record -- I see on average three or four several automated attacks on the MSA "" script every day. Fortunately there is a replacement, NMS CGI which are drop-in replacements. Matt's Script Archive programs are categorically disallowed here, please use these other ones!

Perl CGI

N.B. "program" is a more general word for "script".