Paul Makepeace ;-)

Wish List

I have two Amazon wish lists: one for stuff in the US, and one for stuff in the UK. Going through the UK one will offer you cheaper delivery (or free if it's over £25). However getting stuff in the US is cool if only because I can't get it here in London.

Anything I get from here I'll loan via a book swap to anyone. Of course, the lovely donor gets first dibs.

Just the books, Ma'am

I saw on another site how the owner maintained their own wish list rather than just a link to Amazon. Mostly because she wanted loads of other stuff that Amazon didn't sell. Cool idea. Maybe I'll try it when I want something besides books.

Perhaps we all go through phases, like Jez, eschewing material goods... I could use a new bike though.

More on the two Amazon wish list thing

So it turns out thanks to some research by David Rosam, Nick West, and me that Amazon in fact maintain completely separate US and UK wish lists. Even though they have a single log-in, you get two wish lists. Not only that, if you order a book on a US wish list, it'll get fulfilled from the US, even though a) the book exists in the UK with the same ISBN b) the lucky recipient lives in the UK. The obvious solution is just to have the one wish list for the country you live in, but the problem there is that many interesting books don't appear on for one reason or another. So you have to maintain two wish lists.