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July 11, 2005

Next hospital trip: Thurs 14th

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Bunch of us got confused last time for a meet-up so posting it here for ref: Thursday 14th July 2005, Guy's hospital, orthopaedic dept.

This time the cast is coming off, and the pins removed too. This won't need surgery: rather the surgeon will apparently tug them out. Looking forward to that; life's been a bit boring on that front recently without regular stabbing pain.

My troubles are nothing to this guy: Danny Way, skater extraordinnaire, has knee surgery, fully conscious. Great quote: "I can feel it." Yeah, wonder if you can smell your own marrow cooking as the drill bores through your bone? Mat Hoffman, equally if not more insane on a BMX, gives a horrifying description of this kind of surgery experience in his book.

Check out Danny Way's recent stunts, including on Saturday 360'ing the Great Wall of China. "Jump 2" video you see right down the on ramp. Wild. (The guy's almost identical age to me as it happens; another Aries Wood Tiger.)

[Thanks to Nik and Chris C for the Danny Way heads-up.]

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I much prefer infoarmvtie articles like this to that high brow literature.

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