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August 3, 2004

My first car on book cover

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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 23:19:52 +0100 (BST)
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--- Paul Makepeace wrote:
> Were we at the Backyard Jam in 97?


> It's on the cover of Mat Hoffman's autobiog "Ride of my life".
> The back jacket has the ramp and a pile of cars in the background, one of
> which next to the white Sierra looks remarkably like my Citroen GSA...

That's your car*. I remember it being parked at that angle to the ramp.
Woo! We are famous!

* For strange and complex values of 'your'.

Starting a trend for acquiring cars for free or way below market, I was given a car in Cambridge which was then the lubricant* for a number of crazy adventures. One of which was trekking to an insane BMX ramp jam in Hastings in 1997. Jez and I snagged a great spot overlooking the ramp. And the car has ended up on the back cover of Mat Hoffman's excellent autobiography "Ride of my Life".

Ride of my Life back cover Citroen GSA at Backyard Jam

Wanna see some "street" BMX? Here's a video from the '04 Backyard Jam. The second swirly trick is a 360° double tailwhip.

* If you know anything at all about my Citroen GSA and its maiden voyage under my "ownership" you'll get this.

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