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June 9, 2005


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This afternoon, for the first time in nearly four weeks, I left the building. Spurred on by Emir's suggestion and accompaniment (thanks mate!) I wheeled myself into the lift, downstairs, and for once took the turning away from surgery, xrays, and the mysterious dude playing the piano in the ground floor hall toward the Exit. Way Out. Sunshine! Fresh air! Patients standing around smoking cigarettes with IV drips!

It felt fantastic. In the hot early summer sun, we "walked" over to the hospital square with lawn and mesmerising rotating water sculpture. Apart from running aground on a small bump I managed to get around completely unaided. Once by the fountain the lure of grass and water was too much, and pulled myself out of the chair onto the lawn. Fab! By a probably comical looking process of walking on my hands and butt hopped over to the water. Emir & I chatted there for quite some time, and I goofed about with some gym moves and surprised myself by a) some I could still do b) how quickly exhausting it was. We had some pix but for reason not on the phone any more...

In other news, after some phone calls and registering with a local GP purely by telephone (something of a feat), looking like I might be able to leave for good very soon...

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Dude! Sh*t!

Looked for you at Ecademy the other night and was disappointed not to be able to quiz you about THAT hat and braces! ;o)

In London Tue/Wed next week so can drop in - you still playing with the nurses? Tuesday after Internet World best for me.

No grapes though.....

Keep in touch

Posted by: Dean Carlton at June 10, 2005 10:12

Jokes about Paul's injuries No. 2.

Are you tired?
Paul's feet were talking after his garden exploit.
One foot asked, 'He's been dragging us around the hospital garden. Are you tired?'
The other foot replied, 'Yeah, I'm shattered!'

Posted by: chrisworth at June 11, 2005 13:32
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