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June 10, 2005

It could be worse

Posted in: Injury Time

Guy opposite me was thwapped in the back of the head by a bus's wing mirror as he was crossing the road. As he went down his foot was caught up in the vehicle's wheel arch. He lost a couple of toes, has had the others pinned, and most of the top of his foot had a massive skin graft. I managed to catch a snap (with permission) between dressings. Warning: it's ugly.

This is the foot four week's on - can't help wondering what state it would be in if he didn't smoke, and ate anything besides sweets and puddings (i.e. had some protein). Bummer.

Lee's Bussed Foot

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Ow ow ow ow. Poor dude. Makes me think twice about crossing roads now.

Posted by: Pei at June 10, 2005 14:45


*gone right off my breakfast*

Poor bastard. But if, in a few years time, there's a serial killer preying on bus drivers, I think we'll know who the number one suspect will be...

Posted by: Jez at June 10, 2005 22:13

Perhaps one of the worst bits about being in hospital - it's full of things that make you feel even worse!

Posted by: chrisworth at June 11, 2005 13:30

Holy shit. That man done got zombie-itis.

Posted by: Earle Martin at June 15, 2005 00:33
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