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March 4, 2005

Power Rings arrived

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Over a month after I ordered them and over three weeks after my CC was billed my Power Rings have shown up:

Power Rings

I've been having a lot of fun with beginner gymnastics and have been eagerly awaiting these. My biggest strength achievement today was leaving them (mostly) alone and writing some software for a client instead of messing about with these new toys...

For what it's worth, these rings, the DVD, and shipping came to $159.40 which at the exchange rate at the time worked out to £88.35. Compare this identical product on sale in the UK at a ridiculously overpriced £99.95 for just the rings. That's even more pounds than the dollar cost! Their kettlebell prices are even more obscene costing over twice their competitors. As I've said before, greedy UK importers seriously need to go stuff themselves.

Posted by Paul Makepeace at March 4, 2005 16:00 | TrackBack

What did you think of the build quality? I recently received mine and I doubt they are powder coated. If they are, it is a very poor job as it is so thin in some places the metal can be seen and there is rust visible on one joint. It looks more like baked on enamel as well as having no texture. His explanation was that there was a misunderstanding at the power coat company for this batch, but that doesnt explain the other problems. Also, TIG welding is usually a fine weld but these look to very rough, with an attempt at heavy grinding on one joint. The ring halves are also not aligned. One would think these would be held in a jig during welding. For the price and simplicity of design, I am pretty disappointed. I'm not sure I should take a chance on exchanging for a better looking pair.

Posted by: Mark at July 24, 2005 01:34

I am looking for metal power rings

Posted by: Aneez Mohamed at May 21, 2006 15:31

Where can I get myself a pair of these? Ringtraining .com seems to have the rings, but without the straps. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by: Christian at August 29, 2007 12:18
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