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March 2, 2005

A Midsummer Night's Heel

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Tonight I had the honour of teaching a Shakespearian actor, of the Royal Shakespeare Company no less, to move around the stage. Unbelievable? I was helping the chap playing Puck the fairy to roll on the stage using Heelys, the shoes with the wheel in the heel. There's a scene where Puck floats across the stage and then turns around and walks to the middle. The great thing about Heelys is their, I think unique, capacity to enable nearly seamless transitions between walking and heeling. Even when you know what's going on it looks slick, when you don't it's mind-poppingly odd. I would be surprised if a single person in the audience has any idea how the RSC pull off this fabulous little move...

Anyway, thanks to Andreas at Citiskate whom RSC originally contacted I stepped in, hopped along to the RSC audition rooms, and rolled around with Jonathan/Puck. I'll be back end of next week to see how he's getting on and troubleshoot. Great fun, and satisfying seeing an improvement.

Does this make me the first professional UK Heelys instructor?!

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Who knew a burito in St. Paul could lead to such amazing heights of Shakespearean fabulousness. I'm so proud!

Posted by: Amy at March 3, 2005 21:21
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