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January 6, 2005

"Please delete your webpage"

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Well, this is a first. Random surfers occasionally get in contact about stuff I've written from mathematical curios like base twelve to asking the names of cute girls. I was once flamed for having written any positive about Landmark (self development) but that's about it in terms of negative feedback. I've never intended to piss people off either in real life or online (there's plenty of amusing examples of that already).

But check this out...

Someone actually wants me to remove a page I wrote:

I was pleased to read that osteopenia was mentioned in the advert for your site as there is so little info about it. Is it me or is it you? but I could find nothing serious on your various pages so have decided to write to ask you to delate the reference so not to wastwe further people's time
Mary Grove

(Perhaps you Mary would like to learn to type & spell so as not to waste your readers' time.)

The page in question is about an interesting [to me!] linguistic/mythological connection between the terms "osteoporosis" and "osteopenia". Google lists this page in the rarely-visited depths of page five and six of its search results for [osteoporosis and] osteopenia. The previous fifty search results links contain more information about osteopenia than anyone besides a specialist would likely ever want.

So how bizarre to whinge about it (anonymously no less). Imagine a world without esoteric meandering web diversions...

(The irony is that the page in question has as decent an explanation of osteopenia as I've read anywhere and I even go to the trouble of explaining that, one day, I'll put up an article about how to test yourself for bone density drop - something everyone should be doing.)

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Hmm, gives me an idea for a "How crazy are you?" website. My clients often worry about it and most of them are relatively normal.

Should I post up the emails from a guy enquiring whether I could hypnotise his girlfriend to erase memories of her previous boyfriends?

Posted by: Dave at January 6, 2005 20:20

Dave: yeah you should do it, so long as it doesn't breach your client confidentiality stuff. I imagine you get some hilarious requests. That guy: I wonder if he got that idea from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at January 7, 2005 15:19

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