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January 10, 2005

Ideas confluence over a Beermat

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Felt a little shaky this afternoon and so, thanks to the joy of a freelance lifestyle (freestyle life-stance?) crashed for a few hours, woke up around 20:00 and dragged myself to a Beermat Monday networking do. I've repeatedly learnt even when I don't feel like it to force myself to go out, if I'd previously planned it. 80+% of the time it works out. Certainly did tonight, despite a far from promising start...

Those that can wake up, sit on transport, and then network effectively without any preparation: my hat's off to you. Met up with a friend, and then she left, leaving me all on my own in a room full of strange people. Awww.

Feeling random, I went to chat with an astrologer friend Dennis and learnt all about working for Mystic Meg, the dial-a-psychic £1.50/min service mostly associated with The Sun and News of the World. When you dial Mystic Meg they multiplex it through to one of their psychic agents, usually at home doing something that's easily interruptible. You know, like when you dial a "live chat" porn line and get through to a middle-aged housewife doing her ironing. Ooh, YES, baby! Strange as it may seem, applicants for this part-time clairvoyant occupation are tested to ensure only the highest grade of mind-readers are at your service.

Elsehwere in the room although I didn't talk to them unfortunately there were a couple of guys sporting "AQA 63336" orange, black, and white T-shirts reminiscent of Penguin Books' Classic line. You can, for a pound, SMS a question to 63336 and they'll provide Any Question Answered. Neat.

This, talking with Dennis, and Mysticism reminded me of an idea I'd had in the summer but not acted on, the Spiritual Message Service (SMS) whereupon for a small sum plus your mobile operator's network charge you may ask questions of God. Inspired perhaps by reading Conversations with God. For added silliness: being able to set up a web profile and select a default deity... "Hey, Shiva, are four legs really better than two?"

Anyway, I'd at the time thought (my) SMS would be a laugh, not be too serious, and quite honestly get no-one using it. Apparently however the AQA guys get a huge amount of traffic, not to mention winning a "Best Mobile Service" award last year. And Mystic Meg is a long-running high-profile success. So this might be a go-er!

To top off the evening, asking for a female opinion about this crazy idea from a leaving networker resulted in a very pleasant dinner at, and discovery of, a 24h diner in London: Tinseltown. Ace.

Chalk another for getting out of bed and meeting people!

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