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June 8, 2004

What am I up to? An experiment...

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So it appears I'm going to miss a conference and some friends in NY as we weren't aware the others were passing in the night. Gah!

Let's say a lack of communication and knowledge of friends' lives is the problem here. Being the optimist I'm sure this is fixable somehow.

I think most problems can be solved by talking, money, or technology. Just keep throwing any of the above at the problem until it goes away, or you're having so much fun the problem's not worth bothering about any more.

So here's a technical/talking solution.

I wonder if a blog can be useful for tracking the author's activities? In an attempt to provide a one-stop place to get a summary of "What am I up to?", I've created the pragmatically named Movable Type category "What am I up to" into which I'll try dumping whereabouts, major life movements, etc. Curious to see if it works out. I used to track my location but it wasn't hugely successful as rarely bothered to update it.

One killer aspect of weblogs is the ease of authorship, definitely. My site is really easy to update and despite its old-skool looking design there's a surprising amount of tech operating behind it. But to make a change I still need to fire up an editor after diving into the appropriate directory. A marginal, yet crucial additional amount of effort. The difference between something happening, and in many cases not happening.

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