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June 8, 2004

New York City, 17th-24th June 2004

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I'm visiting New York City to see some good friends Joe & Don, Sandira, Peter, and (quite excitingly) an as yet un-met best friend of a good friend, Carolyn. And possibly even something a little unusual with other burner friends.

This is going to be a hectic trip but suggestions & hook-ups certainly welcome.

Flight info below:

Outward flight:

   Depart: London (LHR), 17-Jun-04 at 08:50 Terminal 4
   Arrive: Newark (EWR), 17-Jun-04 at 11:35 Terminal B
   Flight: British Airways  185

Return flight:

   Depart: Newark (EWR), 24-Jun-04 at 08:00 Terminal B
   Arrive: London (LHR), 24-Jun-04 at 20:05 Terminal 4
   Flight: British Airways  186
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