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Spam Quotes

The contents of this page may contain pornographic material derived from junk email. Turn away now if this ain't for you.

Spam, a.k.a. junk email. Collected here in easy bite-size web reloads! The purpose of this two-hour micro project was to provide a feed for an infobot sitting on our IRC channel so it would reply with a random junk tagline to anyone talking about "spam". What happens here is the bot responds to certain words & phrases and replies depending on whatever logic it's got in its little bot brain. One bit of logic allows you to tie a response to an RSS feed. In this case the response is a single line which the bot duly prints:

<@Tantrix> spam?
<+dipsy> Tantrix: Re: your Rx information is included.

Press reload or click for another spam quote.

If you're curious, you can take a look at some live RSS output. Here I'm using the older version .91 RSS as it generates less textual output, so is perhaps a bit quicker. Learn more with Julian Bond's RSS FAQ.

Where does the spam come from?

Email for a number of domains hosted here is protected by a dedicated spam-detecting mail server which uses SpamAssassin and some other tricks to filter the crap from our email boxes. Of that, the "yup, definitely spam" category is saved into a directory. A little script looks at the spams there each morning, scanning the recent subject lines, cleaning them up and then sending them over to the webserver. The random quote generator here then picks up the new subject lines whenever the file's updated.

The latest spam subjects are presented for your entertainment as a text file [10K or so] in Fortune Cookie format: each spam line is separated by %%.