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May 14, 2006

One year anniversary

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This time last year I was in hospital with two feet looking much like this,

Left Foot One Year Ago
That'll learn ya to go climbin' up the side a' houses after sluggin' 40s ya stoopid dumb shit!

One month in hospital, few months in a wheelchair, and since then gradually being in less and less pain walking. I can pretty much walk like a pro these days although it is still uncomfortable. Which sucks. Walking's a pretty basic activity, as is getting out of bed (although I don't do that so much these days) and being in pain the whole time is irritating. Still it's getting gradually better but I'm definitely into the long tail of recovery.

On the plus side, I can do about everything else again, even "running" very short distances. So, if you've got a calcaneal fracture it ain't

I heard from someone that after a neurological trauma learning to walk is the second last thing people manage - it's really pretty difficult. The first? Brushing your teeth.

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For some reason I feel a craving for hamburger.

Posted by: chrisworth at May 19, 2006 18:10

I thought i would check back on you in person this time. Its nice to see your recovering from your accident. Unfortunately mines taking longer than expected ( must be the mixed descent with saxon risings lol)But however I have an appointment with the solictor this week to start kicking some arse. However, I would just like to say I have not touched a drop of vodka in over a year. So.... how about a nice cuppa lol I still havent worn my xmas hat yet tho :/

Take care

Posted by: Unlicenced Peacekeeper at September 5, 2006 22:08
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