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March 19, 2006

Magic weekend

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Euroburner (European Burning Man) crew Lady C and John put on a house-warming in Malahide (20km north of Dublin) and folks from as far as London showed up and partied - including a very cool folk band, complete with accordion and bizarre upturned metal tub cello. Was fab catching up with friends and meeting new ones. Especially keeping an eye on (and helping out where I can with) Ian, the Irish Burner agitator's ambitious plans...

Fortunately, I got lost and ended up scootering to Howth along the coast road, rather than inland. Once corrected by a helpful drunk local I got some more twisty coastal road to Malahide, and then to party. Late next day, giving a lovely new burner native Dubliner friend a lift back we rode back down along the coast as the sun was setting and took a night tour of Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey, with its "Bel Air" of Irish real estate (Neil Jordan, Damon Hill, Enya, etc). Evening finished extremely pleasantly with a roast duck dinner and fabulous Irish hospitality chez Billings, and an invite to go sailing, land yachting, and paint boats in Galway!

Time to drag me and my grin to bed.

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do we have european burning man? good to know about. I see, i can still learn a lot about europe. One of my good business friends is a burner too. He is visiting nevada every year. Where can I see picture from the party. ciao...

Posted by: moonweaver at March 21, 2006 18:23


There is a European regional burn in NE Spain, check out


Posted by: Dave at March 21, 2006 23:59

That... is wonderful.

Posted by: Shannon at January 22, 2007 15:46
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