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January 18, 2006

Sub-talar joint strength

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One Footed Kettlebell Balance
Look Ma, no hands!
(This is on my right foot which had the surgery. My left foot can do this relatively easily.)


The act of balancing on a beam (or kettlebell in this case) directly targets the subtalar joint, the one that got hosed by my climbing antics in both my feet. Still a little unsteady as you can see by the blur but I was holding it up there easily long enough for the 10s camera timer to fire. It's also on a slightly long exposure so any wild waving around would've been caught too. But there wasn't any! Well, ok, not much ;-)

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hey! it has been great reading your story, which i came across while searching for information (confirmation?) that it indeed is ok for my foot to swell inside the fibreglass below-knee cast and for my foot to feel tingling and burning and oozing sensations all through within 2 days of it being put on and without it being necessary to remove it to see if the damn infection is back and hoping the wound was indeed healed as the surgeon had assured me it had.

i see that photo of yours standing on what you call the kettlebell (did i get it right?) and it IS a matter of perspective. i have a mere plafond fracture + a fractured lateral malleolus, so i guess even i will be able to go back to dancing to Bollywood numbers one day!


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Posted by: BENJAMIN S FILIPPI at September 14, 2006 03:14

"Look ma, no hands!"

My sister says that.

Posted by: Shannon at January 22, 2007 15:54
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