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January 21, 2006

Kettlebell Eagle Loop deadlift

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I need to strengthen my back and legs for the heavier weights I'm working on. This got me thinking...

Kg Kettlebell Eagle Loop Deadlift

The red ones are 32kg, and the green ones are 24kg. (Total=112kg / 250lb / 17st9.) The blue straps are called Eagle Loops from Ironmind, designed to develop "talons of steel" or something like that.

Kettlebell Eagle Loop Close Up

Good for climbing training. Not that I'll be doing much of that any time soon... ;-)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at January 21, 2006 01:11 | TrackBack

Damn dude, that is a serious grip workout!
I am doing long farmers walks for grip right now.
Keep on Kettlebellin' !!!

Posted by: Royce at March 21, 2006 17:04

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Posted by: Donah Beggins at May 14, 2006 22:48

This looks awesome dude, I have never come accross the eagle loop, I am really into my kettlebells and climbing though, where do you get the eagle loop from?

Posted by: Kettlebells at October 20, 2010 18:07

Hi Duncan- they're from IronMind. Good stuff!

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at October 20, 2010 18:34

That is not a deadlift though - that is a static hold and a damn good one too. To do a deadlift with Eagle loops - you would need to be on a platform (like a step plat) as the ELoops are long and the weights need to clear the floor. Also your legs would not be spread for a dead lift - that would put your spinal erectors in prime position for injury. Try doing curls with ELoops - THAT is grip work you will not soon forget. BTW - for the above poster - ELoops are only sold at - they are about $40 shipped (not cheap ;-()

Posted by: IronJeff at November 12, 2010 16:12

I want to buy some eagle loops like in the photo..where do you buy them from?/ and how much???/ many thanks tony

Posted by: tony currie at August 1, 2011 20:50
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