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October 1, 2005

Bali bombings

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Heard while at a local café. Fuckers. Just as this poor 65% tourist-driven little island has got itself back together (still down pre-2002 bombing though) this happens. It couldn't've happened to nicer people. London bombings I didn't really pay any attention - it would require a massive sustained onslaught to really affect the UK's capital. But a no-industry plot of 3.5m folks are going to suffer, again.

Gah. (I'm in Candidasa, nowhere near the action, unless you count snorkelling around a shipwreck and sipping cocktails as "action".)

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Hi Paul

Hope you are having a nice time. Look after yourself.


Posted by: Jackie at October 1, 2005 21:30

i was there 2 those mother fuckers

Posted by: shanice at May 27, 2007 10:13
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