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September 29, 2005

Bali bali

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On a modem up the side of a mountain so this'll be brief... Business school was intense, not at all what I'd expected: partly a deliberate course design decision (the notes handed out bore no resemblance to what was taught at all) and partly my expectations of something more linear. In essence the course was about team dynamics, and working under pressure (9am to 11pm posted times, often later in practice, for example) in a changing environment. Glad I did it but can't exactly say I enjoyed it. More on this when I'm back...

Hotel was amazing. 5-star. I'm going to have to let the photos do most of the talking, when I can upload them. Since then white water rafting with a fun 2m drop. Reptile and monkey parks today. Have had iguanas, tortoise, mosquitoes, and several monkeys physically on me; half of those intentionally. Right now in Lake View Hotel overlooking Mt Batur, a spectacular semi-active volcano with a lake at its base. 7:30am cycling trip around the lake & volcano finishing with hot springs. After that, Candidasa for snorkelling and then some island huts on Lembongan Island.

Phew! Hope everyone's well!

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Glad I missed the business thing but definitely could have done with the holiday part!

I presume that it wasn't the tortoise that leapt on you unexpectedly?


Posted by: Adrian at September 29, 2005 14:17
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