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August 11, 2005

Work Diary

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I've been trialling Wordpress the blogging software recently and despite its slightly self-congratulatory tone I have to say, it definitely gives Movable Type, the software that powers this bit of the site, a run for its money.First impressions are good; installing "themes" was a total snap, and certainly way easier than with MT.

Anyway, I have a second blog now I guess which is far more day-to-day and at, cunningly sectioned off in its own domain so no-one notices unless they really, really want to...

Random history: I chanced upon a technique for beating procrastination and thought it was worth putting online. was to be that site. Since then I've kicked the procrastination habit (partly also with hypnosis) so its original vision never materialised. Maybe I'll get 'round to it one day :)

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Paul, I followed the link at the bottom of one of your posts. I knew you were in a wheelchair following an accident but didn't know why. I was surprised to find that you had broken both heels and a vertebra: I broke both my heels on 8th October, falling off a ladder.

My fall was not as great as yours. I spent 3 weeks in hospital, was operated on one foot, the other just in a cast. Then I spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair and some weeks with crutches.

I was also surprised to see that you play the saxophone as I do too, however I play the tenor and the soprano more than the alto.

I suppose there stop the similarities as I am 55 years old, divorcing, French and have recently been the subject of a quadruple bypass operation (which did no favours to my legs!)

I will get active when I stop procastinating and put a little more order in my life...

Posted by: Olivier at August 12, 2005 16:45

Paul, have you looked at backpackit? I like it for keeping to do lists. At work we share backbackit pages as well.

Posted by: coco at August 15, 2005 22:55
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