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August 13, 2005

Strida saviour

Posted in: Injury Time

Mum came to visit and she very kindly signed me up for a gym membership. She took this pic after we got back. It's fair to say without this bike I simply wouldn't be getting around nearly as much; it's too painful to walk long distances, and any other type of bike would be harder to use on transport. (Brompton might be OK. I think they're another 3kg. With my feet the Strida's 10kg is perilously close to about as much as I can handle anyway.)

Paul With Strida

NB Green belt sling for the crutch. Yay for little fold-ups!
PS Today is the 3 month Landing From A Great Height Anniversary, phew...

Posted by Paul Makepeace at August 13, 2005 15:30 | TrackBack

The bike looks cool, hey! You look cool... I'd love to come round to see what that Strida can do whenever you're free. While I'm at it, maybe you could show me what these kettlebells are all about too?

You seem to be making remarkable progress considering you smashed your heels so badly. Excellent stuff!

Posted by: Dom at August 24, 2005 10:50

Hi was hoping to catch up at dorkcamp- sorry you couldn't make it. Let me know when you're over again.

I'm thinking of buying a Strida, and also wondered if your love for it was still as strong as ever?

Posted by: Lucy W at September 27, 2006 11:25
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