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August 2, 2005

Walking, for real

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Last couple of days I've been out on crutches, probably about a kilometre there and back, and then the day after that cycling at walking speed alongside a friend on foot. Cycling is actually far easier than walking and more controlled both in terms of graduated effort and random incidental forces, especially on a little fold-up bike. Both resulted in me back home with feet in ice water, in a tired-but-OK way.

Today I was in hospital for routine x-rays and my surgeon twisting my feet about. He couldn't induce any pain which was good, and the only specific pain I've been having I couldn't even reproduce either. Radiographs showed everything fine too. I took a bit of heat for having walked around without my boots on though, oops. Eh.

Well aaannnyway. Today, quite out of the blue, I can walk in Aircasts completely unaided! Not just teeter about like an early Segway prototype but actually stably move around (garden, kitchen, hallway, etc) without any substantial discomfort. Wild! The healing process definitely seems non-linear. This last ten days or so it's felt like there's not been much progress: Monday I'm still struggling on crutches. And then Wednesday *whoomph* I can walk. w000t!!

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Posted by: Avocado Tom at August 3, 2005 18:44

Are you allowed to go swimiming? I was thinking that you will be lossing a lot of cardiovascular fitness through not being able to run or bike, but that swimming might work. Of course, I have no idea what pain you might encounter kicking your legs.

Posted by: Robert at August 8, 2005 09:54

Nice work Dude!
Just been catching up on your progress, -most impressive! Glad to read you're on the mend

Posted by: smoo at August 8, 2005 18:48

Robert: yeah, I can swim. I just have to pay for a gym membership to get access to one within reasonable distance (I'll probably do this). My physio today referred me for some "hydrotherapy".

I can cycle now too and it's actually easier than walking, by approximately fifteen million times...

Tom, Smoo: thanks! :)

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at August 10, 2005 19:03
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