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August 10, 2005

Round up

Posted in: Injury Time

Gosh, over a week. Some notable events:
* Thursday, first time on the Tube(!)
* Apparently got hooked on transport using it Fri, Sat, Sun too.
* Lovely trip on Mat's canal boat documented by him on travelog. It was a very lazy afternoon and I met some cool people. Yay Mat!
* Discovered the flute has very similar fingering to a saxophone, so bought one of those too. My god it is so much fun! And loud. And fun. I've wanted to play one for ages; why the hell didn't I just freakin' get one?! Anyway, after a breathless sax session I went back to the flute and managed to sound a bunch of the tricky top register ("altissimo") notes I couldn't before. I hope sax+flute turn out to be complementary to learn together.... (Started inline skating and ice hockey together years ago and came to the firm conclusion they are not complementary.)
* Cycled on the Strida fold-up to physio at St George's (4km) today in ordinary shoes. Strapped a belt around me as a sling for the crutch. I only need one crutch now for short distances. More on the physio at some point. I swear I was born to be on wheels - it felt 100% smooth, zipping about, up hills, down ramps, ... Once I'm off the bike I'm immediately reduced back to a shambling wreck again.
* Cheered by the success of using the fold-up, embarked on a mission this afternoon to Richmond Music to get my sax checked out (only a minor tone hole fix needed). Richmond Music were very helpful indeed. The journey: I took the Tube, and had with me: the fold-up bike, an alto sax, a left crutch, two feet in casts. It's a rock 'n roll lifestyle, baby.
* Interesting observation: number of men who spontaneously offered me help (I blatantly needed it): 6 or 7. Number of women: big fat zero. It was during the day and there were more women around. Cutting it on another axis, all my helpers were over 35, and there were plenty of younger people around.
* Weather's fantastic!
* Woo!
* The sax is really fun, did I mention that?

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Hey, I hope you are doing better.

Posted by: Chica at August 10, 2005 22:21
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