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June 29, 2005

Server clusterbomb

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I've been dreading some kind of server failure while I've been in hospital since I can't realistically do anything about it. Now I'm out but can't walk, it's still firmly in the "very difficult" category. A couple of machines had a rash of teething problems a while back; mercifully they were still in test and new sideways-blowing fans seemed to fix them.

Until today, when first around 3am one box died, then around 12am another one seem to become crippled, and as if that wasn't unlucky enough, wham, kernel panic for the third. The whole time I'm stuck either at home waiting for a scheduled hospital-taxi or in the hospital in various states of radio silence, i.e. hard to call or log in over GPRS. GAH! Fortunately Nik saved the day on two of them and I held the fort on the third in the orthopaedic waiting room, later putting in a fix.

Every day, managed servers look more and more appealing...

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It was my pleasure :) I don't think I've been to that part of London before. It reminds me of a place in Tokyo called Odaba, which is a development built on reclaimed Tokyo Bay, but Odaiba also has department stores and Sega Joypolis and I don't think Docklands has anything that good.

Posted by: Nik at June 30, 2005 00:31
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