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June 29, 2005

New cast and forecast

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Went to Guys' for an orthopædic assessment all morning. Had my left and right feet xrayed, old splint/half-cast removed, four week-old blood and sundry skank cleaned off, and a new fibreglass cast fitted, in fetching Forest Green no less. I was only originally slated to have my right foot xrayed but a bit of social engineering and induced cross-departmental confusion had my left foot done too.

Surgeon (Martin Klinke), reassuring as ever, is happy with my left foot and its mobility, and reckons my right foot needs only another two weeks in a cast before it and those two scary pins come out. That won't need surgery mercifully, they just pull out, although I hear worryingly more like 'tug' than 'pull'...

Left foot will probably be ready for weight bearing within the next two weeks. I have already tested it and put in excess of 35kg through it (as measured by my scales) using the Aircast boot. Still bits in there that are hurting though.

The new cast is much more comfortable than the old splint - I can lean on it without the thing shifting about. Psychologically a relief as before this I was a bit clueless about what was happening. Sensation in my right heel is coming back, although the manifestation of this is occasionally stabbing pain. C'est la vie, eh?

Meeting people story: I've come to accept that when I walk out the house I seem to bump into someone I know. This even happened the first day I left St Thomas's, meeting an old friend from A-Level's within about an hour (she works in dermatology there). Well, it sort of happened today too: the woman who was in my hospital-taxi at 8:55am ended up in the same car as I was at 1:35pm. What are the chances?

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