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April 9, 2005

My first .NET application

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Ever since acquiring a .NET PocketPC phone I've had delusions of writing software for it, even to the point of obtaining an MSDN development license through their cheap deal for ISVs. Months however passed with other distractions, and generally being daunted (GUI dev from years of writing unix system software is a big jump).

Lacking a stopwatch or decent clock, I wrote an application for timing training intervals.

Interval Start
"Yatta" means "Go!" in Japanese. Dr Tabata is Japanese.

Specifically, workouts based on the Tabata Protocol, a thoroughly brutal 4min experience consisting of 8 intervals of 20s on, 10s off. There's a great description including graphic accounts of workouts over at T-Nation.

The app simply waits for its banner to be clicked then starts timing:
Interval Working
Work it! Interval count is on the right

Interval Resting

Interval Done

Progress bar counts up on the work, back down for the rest. That's it!

Download (20KB)
Yeah, that's 20 kilobytes. You might need a modern .NET core download; try it and see.

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"Yatta!" means "did it!" so it's appropriate at the end of the on period, not the start. I don't know the proper modern idiom for "Go!" but "yarinaoshite!" means "do it again!" with overtones of doing it better this time.

Posted by: Pedatnik at April 11, 2005 10:57
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