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April 8, 2005

Arbitrarily erotic services

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Random IM thoughts...

paulm says:
I think there's a market for taking boring services like free webmail and just somehow making them erotic
paulm says:
even if it means being really self-indulgently silly about it.
Nik says:
Your private, secure shemail
paulm says:
exactly! "tagged for her pleasure"
paulm says:
"all email under plain cover, your discretion assured"
Nik says:
search options: cursory glance [X] good solid gawp [ ]
paulm says:
Wink at recipient: click here!

There are some services that are so thoroughly commoditized and homogenized you have to be an ultra-provider to make the wafer-thin margins make sense.

But throw in a bit of something extra appealing but unrelated to the core product (e.g. add sex to email) and immediately it's a niche product, catapulted into an almost entirely different market segment. So the consumer previously presented with a baffling array of essentially identical services is both able to identify with an idea and make a highly differentiated choice.

What's interesting is that these "niche" providers charge considerably more than their commoditized counterparts. I wonder if it's the sense of relief of consumers feeling like are making choice between obviously differing products, thus not feeling obliged to exhaustively compare reams of otherwise crushingly similar specs, and the possibility of identification with the product one might have? (I wonder if the marketers have a name for this?)

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