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March 6, 2005

New kettlebells

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I've been jonesing pretty badly the last couple of months for new kettlebells. I've had a 16kg ("pood") KB since August after attending Lee Hadden's seminar. While it's incredible what can be done and for how long with a single piece like that, I've been ready for more. Enter the realms of double-handed work and some heavier weights...

One thing that's been pissing me off is that they are, IMHO, quite expensive. The cheapest going rate in the UK is £50 for the 16kg which just really seems a lot of money for a lump of iron. Anyway, I swallowed my frustration and made a deal with Neil at powerseekers and picked up a full set on Sunday. Two each of 16kg, 24kg, and 32kg (the standard sizes).

Six Kettlebells
Oooh, baby

It was one of those happy coincidences where Nik had happened to have already rented a car so we drove across town (30km!) after a fairly heavy club night and picked them up. I really enjoyed the drive: good chance to chat with Nik in person, learn some more of London (we navigated with my GPS + TomTom software set to "Shortest route" which sends you down all manner of bizarre little alleys), meet other KB users, and as it happens pick up about 500 CDs from a super cool music journalist who was throwing them out (gotta love freecycling!)

When we got back I took Nik through the basics and handed him my old 16kg 'bell. It was great seeing someone, esp. family, get excited about it too. I also managed to pretty thoroughly cane various muscles with the heavier weights and new moves I could do. Excellent! Feels great.

It might seem sad, but I was ridiculously excited about this on Saturday night. Over the last few months I have really got myself into a real froth over training. I'm in the process of figuring out how as goddam if I could just bottle this enthusiasm...

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Hi. I am interested in doing a kettlebell course in London with Svetlana but am worried that I will not be able to cope even though I am a fully qualified personal trainer. I am 47 and have put on a bit of weight myself since qualifying cos I have not had much time to devote to training myself before xmas. I need to get back into shape fast or I will never get any clients! In your opnion do you think I might be able to tackle a one day work shop and gain enough knowledge from it to carry on? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks

Posted by: bev at January 13, 2006 19:43

if it helps, Crossfit London and London kettlebells have developed a 3 hour REPS accredited Kettlebell skills master class.

The next one is in November ( check out

Could be what you are looking for

Posted by: andrew at October 21, 2006 21:19

Look,anyone can train with kettlbells. They are not just for boys, women use them aswell to help them get rid of their flabby arms and tone up their bums and tums and melt fat! Even celebrities like Sylvester Stallone,Jennifer Lopez & Penelope Cruz are using them as well as Chelsea and Liverpool Football Clubs. Also Physiotherapists are even using them to rehabilitate their patients.

What will kettlebells do for me?

Anyone can benefit from a regular kettlebell workout- from those who just want to be fit and healthy, or for those who want to reduce injury and move more efficeintly for everyday living. A kettlebell workout will develop your all-important body core stabiliser muscles those that help you trunk to become strong to prevent back pain,and also help you to tone up your flabby arms and tone up your bum.

You’ll also burn around 800 calories from one session and use 600 muscles and exercise your cardio-vascular system. Its definately a total body workout!

The Kettlebell even creates a fatser workout and help you shift fat fast. The overall result will be increased strength, flexibility, timing, muscle tone and general body conditioning. Elite athletes can use advanced exercises and techniques to target various muscle groups and movement patterns.

But don’t just take our word for it.
If you are intrested in getting stronger and becoming a fat burning machine then

Posted by: jamie lloyd at June 30, 2007 13:46
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