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October 25, 2004

Hanging out with the LSS

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Inspired by the crazy-for-it Lorraine (whom I was lucky enough to meet at the third CLP) I came along to an evening at the London School of Samba...

...wherein earplugs1 were donned, instruments grabbed, and then pounded rhythmically (by everyone except me) for the next couple of hours. So much fun and energy! The noise of 30-40 people pounding away is literally deafening. My ears would not have survived sans protection. Even though some of the folk there have been going for years there were still plenty of grins when we did the high energy intro.

The local pub had a lock-in too afterwards and I had a music theory lesson from a 8-yr Samba veteran. Really cool! The scrawling and re-scrawling on beermats tells me software could help. That PDA drum-machine idea I've had brewing seems closer to actually implementing...

Couldn't find the rhythms we were doing online but this drum intro and this one are quite fun.

1The business earplugs are Alpines which have a flattish frequency attentuation response - you can actually hear instruments and what the maestro is saying rather than a muffled blur you get with ordinary foam jobs. Posted by Paul Makepeace at October 25, 2004 00:22 | TrackBack
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