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October 5, 2004


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Clusterflake, n. or v. Inspired by this evening and a similar sounding word, clusterflake is the social phenomenon characterized by a buttload of people just not showing up, typically so sporadically, in such numbers, and with so little advance warning that the original plan or plans are thrown into disintegrating disarray. (syn: cluster flake)

"Despite a week's notice more than half the movie group clusterflaked, most without even calling."
"We'd arranged a big dinner, followed by a meet with another crew, then all hit a party downtown. Three people showed up in total, the whole night. It was a complete cluster flake."

Posted by Paul Makepeace at October 5, 2004 01:08 | TrackBack

well today is a clusterflake day in SF too. people planned on shooting guns at jackson arms but instead i may have to plan a bachelorette party in 2 hrs though i may heap even more clusterflake to the pile and flake on that and go do something else instead.

don't roll with the losers. you cant just have one bowl of clusterflake, you need 4 to achieve the RDA. blow them off and do your own thing more fun! :)

Posted by: k0re at October 5, 2004 01:27

Google watching: this word wasn't in Google when I blogged it, Oct 05 01:08. Oct 06 11:08 the inchoate home page has been indexed and it's there (and could've arrived any time in the last twelve+ hours; I think I checked yesterday evening sometime).

Google for clusterflake

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at October 6, 2004 11:07
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