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August 5, 2004

Suits you, Sir!

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Needed a suit at short notice for an interview with some posh Asset Management Fund. Fine, except I don't have a suit. Well, not in this country anyway (long story). Nik kindly offered but first I wanted to feed that little cheeky personality trait that says "beat the system!".

Can I get hold of a tight suit for less than fifty quid with only hours left?

I'm a great fan of charity shops, and I had a few possibilities lined up to raid in succession until the outfit was complete or, beaten, I'd slink into the grim clutches of clothing retail (80%+ markup, gah!).

Apart from obviously being charitable, Oxfam and the like are a source of amazing bargains. I didn't even have to leave my postcode for the entire mission to be completed. Check it:

  • Gorgeous grey Next suit (flawless)
  • Pink cotton shirt (couple of blemishes, little tight around my neck)
  • John Lewis patterned silk tie
  • Barely touched Next leather-soled loafers

Yep, walked out with everything. All I needed to supply were the underpants and socks.

Total cost: £45.96
(Elvis shades: priceless)

suited soaker

Serving suggestion only. Triple Aggressor not recommended for financial institution interview.

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