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August 5, 2004

Circle Line Party 3

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The third ever, and possibly last, Circle Line Party is happening this Friday.

From the Space Hijackers....

Not only is it happening, but it is happening THIS FRIDAY!

Cancel your sister's birthday party, cancel your mum and dad's wedding anniversary, forget that romantic meal with your loved one.

Click below to find out when and where to meet and catch the train:

Click below for the official invite:
Watch the flyer!


More details here, (check here again on Friday)

The last two Circle Line Parties have been fantastic, members of the public enjoyed it so much they stayed onboard for extra laps!

The plan is simple, everyone brings entertainment, music, instruments, sound systems, decorations and food and drink to share. We sneak onto the trains and only party when we are in the tunnels, when we are in the stations we are silent. The general public are made to feel very very welcome, they are given sweets and drinks. We fill up the trains from the back carriages and leave the front one empty, if the train is packed out, we wait and fill another train too.

The doors close, we hit a tunnel, we party, the doors open we flip back to bored commuter mode.

See you Friday night...

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when is the next one please?

Posted by: lucy at October 7, 2004 19:20
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