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June 7, 2004

Baked pricing

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So our local Greggs baker franchise outlet sells chicken, vegetable, and cheese & onion pasties at 90p, 80p, and 80p respectively. If you buy two of the same you save 20p, e.g. 1.60 for two chicken pasties, or 1.40 for two veggie versions.

What if you want one chicken and one cheese & onion? Yep, you pay 90p+80p=1.70. I.e. more than had you bought two more expensive chicken pasties. Even the person serving me when I pointed this out agreed it was silly. Being a franchise of course the employees have as much creative interpretation as you would expect from a system with a typically multi-thousand page operations manual...

How does a nationwide PLC with 5 million customers a week miss this kind of thing? It's hard not to draw connections with the crushing shortage of UK maths teachers.

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I think you're doing rather well on this regular blogging business.

Posted by: suraya at June 7, 2004 14:21
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