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May 28, 2004

Weaponize this!

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A rather unpleasant story about Steve Kurtz, an Assoc. Prof in Buffalo, NY being abducted by FBI agents (a friend of Steve's said Steve was a vocal critic of the US govt).

One paragraph sent me off into the linguistic explorosphere...

FBI field and laboratory tests have shown that Kurtz's equipment was not used for any illegal purpose. In fact, it is not even possible to use this equipment for the production or weaponization of dangerous germs. Furthermore, any person in the US may legally obtain and possess such equipment.

That's right, folks, weaponization. What other uses of the word could we have?

"Going mad with the volume controls, the DJ perpetrated tune weaponization."
"Putting bull-bars & a supercharger on his truck totally weaponized it!"
"She'd studied so much kung-fu she'd auto-weaponized."
"With the Coalition forces screwing up about everything it touches we're heading for total terrorist World-Wide Weaponization."
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