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Landmark Education

In March 2003 I took part in the Landmark Forum, thanks to being invited by Tom & Jenny Ball. It had a profound effect on me and my relationships. It also really helped get my tax straightened out. In May 2003, I took part in the Advanced Course. Then I realized why I was on Planet Earth (always nice to get that stuff covered).

Seriously, I've been to many, many seminars, conferences, learning gigs, personal development evenings (e.g. I have completed NLP Practioner training), and this stuff is in its own league for elegance and effectiveness.

Who Am I
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Here's what I blogged on ecademy as I was finishing my first Forum experience.

Then as I finished the Advanced Course.

I completely the full Curriculum for Living in November '03. My SELP (Self- Expression and Leadership Programme) culminated in the creation of a open money community website and the very first public London Open Money Projects - Inaugural Event, which happened on 17th Nov 2003.


The Open Directory has its own Landmark Education section. Tons in there. You've gotta read this though, My Gugs liberation move about a Cape (Town) Yuppie, Muzik, who after attending the Forum went to live in a Cape township; one of only a handful of crackers to do that. Our Forum leader David Ure who prompted Muzik to do this was barely holding back the tears as he read out the piece to us during the Advanced course. Powerful stuff.

Nov 2004: a pretty info-dense site about the Landmark Forum, a subsection of their main Team Management and Leadership Program focus. Lots of testimonials and perspectives from a pro-LMF angle.

At this point I'm sure you'd like to learn more and attend an introduction. ;-) I'd be happy to answer questions – email me.

14 December 2003, I thought I'd be brainwashed. But how wrong could I be.... In-depth look at the Forum by an Guardian UK journalist. Couple of choice quotes,

'This course has transformed me. And the funny thing is, I didn't know I even had it in me to transform,' he smiled.The Landmark Forum is not magic. It is not scary or insidious. It is, in fact, simple common sense delivered in an environment of startling intensity.
Landmark has faced accusations of being a cult, but I saw nothing of that. Far from working to separate us from our families and friends, we were told there was no relationship too dead to be revived, no love too cold to be warmed.
And this is from a journalist who came to the Forum with a stated intention of ripping it to shreds.

Meet up

There is a Landmark Meetup created in Apr 2004 (not many people yet). If you're a Forum grad, sign up, pass on, meet up.