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November 25, 2007

Extended Durex Play (Vibrating Ring)

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I got one of these little vibrating ring doodads and can concur with these reviews that's it's bloody great. There are two problems though. First of all it's €10+ in the Rip-off of Ireland. Compare that with $22 for 6 in the US! And the second is that it's intended to be disposable (20mins of use). The second problem wouldn't be a problem if they were on sale for an American style €2.40 each.

So being the gadgety skinflint that I am, what follows is how to disassemble it and replace the batteries with more powerful ones...

  1. Wash it :-)
  2. Pop the device out by squeezing it through the switch hole,
    Device And Sheath
  3. I took a very sharp unserrated steak knife and sliced into one end,
    Initial Cut
  4. Then I took a a thicker, sturdier knife and widened the gap,
    Widening The Gap
  5. I flipped back to the skinny knife and extended the gap gutting it like a fish,
    Extending The Cut
  6. The skinny knife still in there I brought in the second knife and opened them like scissors popping the device open,
    The Two Knife Pop
    I'd say the device is lightly glued together so there weren't little catches I could pop next time.
  7. So here it is: two little batteries, a motor with a semi-circle of metal, and a switch. Who would've thought?
    The Insides
  8. The battery says G3-A which turns out to be, according to this chart an LR41 aka 192, a 1.5V alkaline button cell. My geeky teenage years and stint working at Maplin put to good use: that battery is the same as a SR41 silver oxide and the SR41 is both higher capacity and higher voltage: more vibrations, and longer!
    LR41 Battery
  9. Re-assemble. Because the device is sheathed in rubber I'm not worried about insulating it.

Enjoy :-)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at November 25, 2007 22:31 | TrackBack

Thank you for reminding us that tech geeks DO have fabulous sex.

Posted by: Anna at December 8, 2007 08:43

you should post this on

Posted by: k0re at December 28, 2007 07:09

would you like to .... me?

Posted by: moonweaver at January 10, 2008 21:00

Good show man, I'll try it out. But just a question, have u tested how much longer these new batteries last?

Posted by: Dave at February 19, 2008 13:14

Type GB2414938 into the Google search engine to get the real skinny on this little marvel!!!

Posted by: George at March 3, 2008 17:44

I would hav borght 1 glad i did

Posted by: Karen at April 1, 2008 18:47

bravo care,bravo majtore...
pozdrav iz srbije brale !!!

Posted by: draza at April 11, 2008 23:02

Poz jos jednom iz Srbije.
Tooooo mi kazi, a ne da lopovioma placam harac!!!

Posted by: Ivan at September 13, 2009 21:00

This device is fitted with a MicroSnap 1.0 engine running at 10.000 RPM. Interestingly yours is green, indicating a 1.6 engine (16.000 RPM).

I've ordered a 2.6 engine (26.000 RPM) and will fit it in the vibrator. You can get it for a 3 Euro at the German online store: It's the engine of very small RC cars!!

I expect mine to arrive tomorrow and I'll let you know what it went!

Posted by: Peter at December 16, 2009 17:11

excellent mate! happy new year! i'll try that ;)

tx from my lovers too

Posted by: Han at February 22, 2010 12:36

Anyone try the motor change thing? Could they explain how to replace it and whatnot, don't want to order the motor if it doesnt fit..

More importantly, does it still work then?

Posted by: Max at April 3, 2010 21:55

thanks :)))

Posted by: ani at November 29, 2010 09:56

Thanks for the tutorial. I searched for batteries everywhere, but couldn't find some. Could you pls tell me the exact name of the batteries (the long lasting ones), so I can buy some from the internet, please?

Thank you


Posted by: Richard at October 9, 2011 23:28

Thanks a ton man,,
your are a hero........
thanks for saving our$$$ :P

Posted by: Harish at November 22, 2011 02:57

would this work with the durex focus?

Posted by: Ally at May 5, 2012 04:01

did the replacment batteries work? and would tape hold the two piece togeather?

Posted by: ally at May 5, 2012 07:04
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