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January 18, 2007

Chocolate Chai Nightcap

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I discovered rather a nice warming drink a couple of nights ago, a result of running out of ingredients. In this case it started from having no simply tea.

There was some left-over chai from the previous tenant so I have been drinking that the last few days, and actually liking it. This time however it was late and Dublin's January weather called for something a little more comforting and tasty. It was the the local supermarket's turn to run out: soy milk. But not chocolate soy milk, so in that went. To complement the chai spice I "ran out" i.e. pored the remaining shot or so of Jack Daniels in as well. Delicious!

(Of course, I had another bottle of JD there. Improvizing around a lack of eggs, milk, flour, ... is one thing, but to go dry on Old No. 7...)

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Do you drink JD with *everything*? I seem to remember a JD/Whey Protein concoction on here too.....


Posted by: Darren at January 19, 2007 09:35
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