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February 25, 2006

One week in Dublin

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Wow, this week's really flown by. Monday was entirely admin & induction, Tues through Friday starting the immense amount of learning required for my job, interspersed with completing various legal admin stuff like getting a PPS number. The bummer for the week was getting food poisoning Monday night which inflicted itself on me throughout the week and only just now (Saturday) seems to have cleared itself up.

Well, Google seems to be a great place to work so far as I've seen. Fun team, super friendly, accommodating, and the company seems to provide just about what ever you want, including free beer. From a technology standpoint, it's just surreal. Beyond what I had even imagined. The learning curve is however quite demanding - the figure going around is about 2-3months before being substantially useful.

In other news, looks like I'll be in Dublin for four weeks and MV four weeks, part of an attempt to bring more training locally than in the States.

new wheels

I have a bicycle and a scooter (Aprilia Habana '05) too, which has made life a lot more fun. The Aprilia is way nippier than my Skipper, heehee. I've variously heard that about half Irish drivers have never sat a test after the government cleared its waiting list of driving licenses simply just issuing them to everyone who was waiting! On the flipside, the waiting list for a bike license is about two years. Yikes. Good job my UK one's valid...
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Congtratz for your new job at Google1
I am new fresh graduate from india, i also clear first round for SRE Sys Admin position.
now i am waiting for them to give me time for 2nd round.

Could you please share your interview experience with me!
i am not good administrator but good programmer especially at Linux Kernel.

I am feeling immense pressure, Please share yopur exp. with me, it would be a great help and will boost my confidence.

I will look forward for your reply!


Posted by: Munish at March 3, 2006 09:08

Hey Paul, as the webmaster for a visitor's guide to Ireland, I'll be interested to get thoughts in living in Ireland. (Don't hold back.) Good luck!

Posted by: Mike at April 24, 2006 18:00
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