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November 17, 2005

Roboexotica 2005

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Off to Roboexotica in Vienna tomorrow via Bratislava. The flight to there from London came in at the wallet-feathering sum of just £36. Ah, the joy of subsidized travel. Carbon Dioxide Karma takes another hit...

Trivia: Vienna and Bratislava are apparently the two closest capitals. (I wonder if any US state capitals are closer?)

Even more irrelvant trivia: the train to the plane leaves at 04:30. Can I stay up all night after the Squarepusher and Luke Vibert gig tonight at Koko...

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Comments should visit bratislava soon too. I was born over there...and true...vienna and bratislava are pretty 60 km.

Posted by: moonweaver at May 14, 2006 23:33

Funny... I thought that the closest capitals were Rome and the Vatican City...

Posted by: Sgn at September 1, 2007 16:42
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