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October 20, 2005

Arrived in Sweden

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So, all safe and sound. After a night of two hours sleep, continued coding in a furious blaze up until the last minute, to the point even I started to consider I might not get the plane. Pulled off a vaguely shippable blob of software at about 10:45. My plane, a good hour away by public transport, was leaving at 14:05, so at 10:50 I figured it probably was a reasonable time to actually get dressed, and throw some clothes in a suitcase... As it happens the wind must've been following the Tube as I got there with about 40mins to spare. As Nik said, that's 40mins wasted...

Sweden's chilly but not snowy, and so far I've only taken a coach ride to central station and then spent a fruitless hour trying to get access to my machine to code a bit more before friends show up.

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Oops, I forgot that you were going over there... my excuse is that I had a busy week attending some courses! Sounds like you went via Ryanair - make sure you're back at Central Station on time to catch the coach back to the airport, 'cos a taxi fare is VERY expensive out to Skavsta.

Make sure you spend some time in the Old Town (Gamla Stan)... it'll be tough on your feet, but worth it. Also, don't miss the water, mind you it's everywhere, so you shouldn't!

Posted by: Dom at October 21, 2005 10:35
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