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September 20, 2005

Off to Bali

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So I'm off to Bali primarily for Roger Hamilton's Entrepreneur Business School and a whole load of lounging on beaches and scootering about villages.

In other news, danced for a few hours on Saturday night which included 13km of cycling to get there/home too, so good news there. My feet absolutely f'king killed but hey, it's all good, and they feel well solid today.

I benchpressed 105kg on the machine today hitting my 100+ target two weeks early. Leg extension also saw 105kg lifted yesterday (there's only two more plates left on that one, ha). Gonna have to get onto the real weights soon...

And I'm doing so much work I can barely think straight (no sleep for Paulie tonight, that's for sure). £250K House purchase target: Jan 2006.

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Have fun Paul. I hope to have a full report when you get back...

Posted by: Dom at September 20, 2005 22:23

My friend, Bali sounds great. When are you coming back to freezing nyc. ;)

Posted by: joe v. at November 2, 2005 06:23
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