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August 30, 2005

Final mid-term surgeon visit

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Just back from Guy's Hospital, my third post-operative check-up. The usual round of xrays and commentary from Mr Klinke (my surgeon) provided this frank Germanic assessment.

K: Ah, they're looking quite good. Me: Like normal feet again? K: No.

He went on to explain that they're healing well and that for three months post-op they're in good shape. OK, perhaps "shape" isn't the right word as both my heel bones were mashed to pieces, some of which still jut out here and there, and half a dozen screws and a piece of honeycomb mesh puncture and perforate my right foot. He thought the mobility in my right foot subtalar joint had improved. Which wouldn't take much since it was practically seized last time he saw me.

I've been directed to start walking without the Aircasts whenever possible. After his rebuke last time I coyly admitted to having already done this "a bit" but thankfully my confession didn't draw any stern admonishment this time...

Next appointment's in three months, by which time I'll doubtless be drawing accolades in international breakdance competition, and effortlessly somersaulting ticket barriers...

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glad to know things get better so glad for this site wish you plenty of luck but you seem to make that for self happy walking

Posted by: dominic at September 24, 2005 17:58
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